Andy Hatfields GoTo Scope Conversion

Here are a few pics of Andy's scope in his yard in Great Britain. Mel and Barb of BBAstro Designs made the software and circuitry. I just did the laptop/ steppers/pcb combination for him. The rest is all Andy's work. He bought the gearheads, shaft couplers and made the bracketry for the mount himself. The pier was made by him as is the carrying case and electric focuser conversion.
    The mount is a CG-4 (EQ-3) with an 8 inch Newt on it. A rather large OTA for the mount but it does work. You can reach Andy at this e-mail address
I'm going to add the big hunks of stone to go around my pier. That looks like a great idea !
The pcb is under the laptop I think and it looks like it fits inside this plastic tool box. I see these here at my home center too.
Andy attached the stepper covers to the gearheads, looks like a nice improvement to me !
Impressive looking mount huh ! He has an electric motor controlled focuser !
A close up of the focuser .
The Declination axis mounting.

The plastic storage bins/tool boxes. I would think a little Dremel tool can cut them up as needed.