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What is included when you order one of these ? 
  • The controller box itself.
  • Software - the most advanced Windows compatible software available. A detailed comparison list of the functions of this controller Vs. others that are available will be posted here soon. 
  • A cable to connect to your computer.
  • Membership to a customer only  Group. 
  • Excellent customer service before and after the sale.
  • Pictures and help for the mechanical aspect of converting your telescope to GoTo. Conversion kits or specific parts can be ordered. 

    Screen Shots of the software are below

    These are actual screen shots of the various tabs of the program ( on the right side of each picture). The program interface is small, intentionally. You can put it on one side of the screen and use any planetarium, that is ASCOM compliant, to send the coordinates of objects to the program. The program then talks to the controller and moves your scope. It works fine with Cartes Du Ciel ( Sky Charts), which is free on the internet. 

    This is a screen shot of the last page of the main program with the change config! button pressed. The main programming interface is below in the servo config program. Please see below. 

    This is the main Servo Config program page. As you cna see, it has a lot of features in it. There are small text boxes that hover over where you place the mouse. They give information about what that button or box does. 

    The Backlash button has been pressed to show you how easy it is to input this setting. 

    All of the "programming" is done through a serial port cable. Typically, Windows XP is used, so comm port set up is not needed. You can plug the cable into the laptop and controller and go from there. 

    A Comparison Table


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