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A No-Harm GoTo  Home Made Oak Dob

This is an example of what can be done to a telescope without harming the mount in any way. The customer that owns this scope shipped me just the mount and tube cradle. I did the rest of the conversion for him. No harm was done to the mount at all. He can undo all of the conversion and use it on another scope if he wishes, with some modification. The manual movement of the scope is retained.
You see the three wooden blocks on the side of the rockerbox  ?  They are the clamps that hold the geartrain plate to the side of the scope. I could easily have made them metal, but chose to keep the wood look. They bolt into places where there was already a screw. I just took his out and used a longer one in it's place.

The 'tin can' in the back is a scope of mine.
Remember, there is no harm done to this scope. Those clamps come off easily and don't mar the finish on the scope.

Features list:

Here is a picture of a laptop and the pcb together. We attach the two with long pieces of industrial strength velcro. The laptop just sits on top of the pcb. BOTH can be made to run off of one single battery at your request. I have done this with quite a few laptops and all have worked perfectly running off of 12 volts.

Other completed No-Harm Dob conversions:
14" Discovery Dob


No-harm conversions are to be paid in two (2) parts. One at the order time and one at completion, before delivery.

Total price for a tube type dob, up to a 10" mirror size is $1520.00.

Using your laptop, each payment is for $760.00. 

Purchase a suitable laptop $165.00 

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Further Questions via Telephone: 817-468-0154