D.I.Y. for Dob Owners
The simplest and fastest way to convert your dob is to order the Evoution plate set from us. Failing that, you can look at the plate set and get an idea of how it is done, then copy it.

There are many links to other amateur astronomers' web sites with detailed information on how they converted their dob, truss and tube types, to a Bartelized GoTo listed on Mel Bartels site. You will need to scroll down a bit as the list is rather long.

For the most part, these scopes are converted without the ability to undo the conversion without some evidence of the conversion. It is possible to have a Bartelized scope without making any permanent changes to the scope. You can look at my no-harm system and get an idea how I do it. Other than that, the circuitry and software are the same as anybody else's conversion.

You can also see other conversions by looking at sites on the scope-drive web ring.

The link to the yahoo group called scope-drive is here You need not join the group and you can just browse the posts there. Most common questions have been answered already. They can be found using the search tool for scope-drive. You can always ask a question of the group as well.

Should you want to know more about the features of Mel's system, please check out his features page.

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