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A Sample Installation of The Evolution GoTo System- stepper version. 

This is a picture of the Evolution system installed on a standard dob mount. 
Further details
1. customers install and review
2.customers review and install
3. customers review and install

First payment at order time, laptop provided $647.50
2nd payment at shipping time, laptop provided  $647.50

First payment at order time, laptop not provided $565.00
2nd payment at shipping time, laptop not provided  $565.00

What is included in the above order:
A used P90 or faster laptop configured to run with the hardware and software. (You can supply this item and save $165.00)
The circuitry made field ready.
A handpad and cable.
2- stepper cables, 20' long.
2- completely assembled brackets with steppers, gearheads, splined knobs and clutch lever.
NEW steppers that are 400 steps per revolution.
Power cable for the laptop and the circuitry.
Tested gearhead/stepper/laptop/circuitry.
Software set up as much as possible. End user must input certain parameters.

What is needed from you to complete the order, aside from payment :
1. Your ground board must be a circle. The edge of the GB must come 
within 1/2" of the edge of the rocker box. If it does not (some don't), a new ground board must be made. Please contact me if you need that.
2. The exact O.D. of the Alt. trunion you intend to drive.
3. The O.D. of the ground board. The material it is made of will be helpful too.
4. Mirror size, truss or tube, and brand of scope, if not home made.
5. The thickness of the ground board.
Some scopes will require a precision bearing to be used on one or more of the Alt. contact points. These items are available at an added cost. Typically, larger scopes will need these.

Electronics and software by Mel Bartels
Conversion design by Lenord Stage
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