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Pictures and descriptions of an LX-50 fork mount that was converted using the stepper drive. The same thing can be done using the servo drive. LX-200 mounts can have the Sidereal Technology controller installed if the factory Meade electronics fail. 


This is the the new control panel. One simple serial connector for the RA motor. 




This is a picture of the Dec./Alt cover. It encloses all of the parts for this axis. A serial cable plug is on the bottom to connect the stepper inside.


This is what is under the cover on the Alt./Dec. axis. A 180:1 wheel and worm gear, bronze, stainless worm. It is mounted on a clutch plate pair for anytime manual motion. No levers or knobs to move when the friction is set. The stepper is a new Oriental Motors NEMA frame size 17,  400 step model. Timing pulley's and belts transfer the power to the worm and give a 4:1 over gearing ratio. 

  • All of the standard features of a GEM or Dob, listed elsewhere on this site, are available. You can use this scope in either mode with the proper wedge and tripod
  • The circuitry is simple to repair or replace. Repair cost is under $50.00. Replacement of the PCB is about $120.00. 
  • All of the parts are available to be shipped to you, ready to be bolted on. Installation is fast and simple. You don't need to ship the entire scope for conversion. 
  • Pictures of the parts and how they are installed will be on a web page here for you to refer to when doing the install. 
  • You MUST remove the RA geartrain and ship it to us for conversion. Two bolts hold the geartrain on and are easily removed with a screw driver once the stock bottom plate is removed. We will add the needed conversion parts and ship it to you for re-installation, using the same mounting holes. Turn time is transit time plus 3 days. 
  • If you have an old laptop laying around, you can send that here for the software installation and motor tuning. See laptop specs below. 
  • One hole must be made inside the RA housing for the conversion to work. It is unseen from the outside. A standard hand drill and file/Dremel can make the hole, the material is aluminum and cuts easily. Pictures are included of what is needed. 
  • A small amount of material removal is needed for Alt./Dec. axis geartrain clearance. Again, it is unseen and easily removed. Pictures are included of what is needed at order time. 
  • Laptop requirements: see this page for specs.
  • A small 12 volt sealed lead acid battery can typically be used for powering the laptop and circuitry. 
Conversion design by Lenord Stage
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