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We now offer *custom made mounts for all types of optics. If you have a scope and want GoTo for it, this is the easiest way to get it. See below for details and then more pictures of the prototype.
Video of this mount in action, click here
The whole idea is for any amateur astronomer to have a computer controlled optical mount that has precisely the features he/she wants. Some of the options:

You can have it made in aluminum or steel.
You can have it professionally anodized or powder coated in any color you like.
You can use any gear manufacturer you like. We can make them here too.
You can have a mount made for a long length newt, truss, short SCT or even a refractor.
You can have it pier mounted, equatorially mounted, tripod mounted or just have feet on the bottom.
You can have steppers or servos running the mount, from any vendor.
If you want to use an old laptop and steppers, that is an option.
If you want to use servos and a B-box from anyone else, that is an option.
You can order it with encoders and friction clutches only.
You can order this type of mount with no encoders or motors.

Basically, nearly any option you feel the need to have can be ordered.
We typically use the electronics and software from BBAstroDesigns.
Other electronics and software can be used with this mount however.

Designs that are completely different from the prototype can be ordered. See the machining page for details.


The sample mount pictured here is a long term project we have been working on. Some of the specs:

It's made from 1/4" aluminum channel covered with 18 ga. steel sheet.
It is powder coated with an epoxy crinkle finish.
It uses 2- 6" 180:1 wheel and worm gears  overdriven with toothed belts.
It has 400 step NEMA 17 steppers.
It uses BBAstroDesigns (now) old stepper circuitry and an old P133 laptop.
It is meant to house an old 8" f8 Newt.
Power is inside one of the fork arms.
The forks can be unbolted for long distance transport/shipping.


Pricing information:

Pricing is made on a case by case basis depending on what options you decide on. Quotes, good for 30 days, are based on estimated time and materials and are sent in MS Word format. Our costs are typically LESS than what a wood dob costs. 

* custom made here refers to the pictured basic mount design with a very wide variety of options.

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