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We offer machining services for all types of telescopes and any other small run or prototype machining projects. We have the machinery, tools and experience to complete almost any request. 
Why have us do your machining ?
    • Guaranteed Accuracy. 
    • We specialize in small orders. 
    • We can do just about anything you may require for your GoTo telescope or telescope conversion.  
    • GEM and fork mounts made to your specifications.
    • We offer FAST service.
    • We have access to any required tool, material size or type, bearing, bushing or gear needed to fill your order.  
    • Our prices are a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. We have an extremely low overhead. 
    • Materials used can be 6061 aluminum, steel, brass, plastics, nylon, stainless steel. [No titanium please].
    • We don't do threading !! 
    • There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you have ANY questions about machining, or about what we can do, please don't hesitate to ASK!

Telescope Gears 

The items below are SAMPLES of completed orders from other customers from years ago. If you want something made, just ask. 

Motor Mounting Plates
Motor mounting plate
These are made from aluminum. Stainless steel bolts are used. With this design of a stepper mounting you have no vibration transmission from the mounting. 4- rubber plate mounts are used. 

More pictures: 12345
Stepper-motor Flywheels
FlywheelCustom made to order. Steel, Stainless Steel, or Brass. Choose material and dimensions. Example: Steel 2" OD, 1" thick,  1/4" center-hole, (.249").

Equatorial Counterweights
CounterweightsMade to your specs (Steel, Stainless Steel or Brass) in 3" to 12" diameters. Any size bore; with brass bushing.

Worm shafts and mounts
Wormshaft and mount
These are manufactured for any worm you may have. This example is made from 6061 aluminum (machined from 2"x2" solid bar stock). Needle end-bearings, race bearings with ground spacers, stainless collars. Shaft size, worm size, shaft length, material and dimensions are all custom made to order. 

Custom Worm Mounts
These worm mounts started out as a sketch from a customer. The steppers are NEMA frame size 17. The aluminum is 2 x 1.75". Worm shaft bearing type is up to the customer. 

Custom Geartrains
These are custom made of stainless steel for a large GEM.

Gear Clutches
ClutchMade for wheel and worm gears. Specify bore, OD, ID, clutch material desired. Up to 8" OD. Bores to 3". Shown is a 6" OD, 1" ID and 3" spacer. The gear is 14" OD HDPE with a 3" bore. Clutch material is aluminum and cork.

Some images of more recent orders. 








Also available:
Shaft coupling's made to your specs. Length, material, bores to order.
Bushings of any material including bronze and Oillite. Most sizes on hand.
Shaft collars made to your specs. Length, material, bores to order.
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