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A typical 1/2"x 6" aluminum, 180:1 gear with a 2" bore next to a 12"x 1", HDPE, 360:1 gear with a 3" bore. A typical 1/2" x 12" gear anodized blue is on the right. 

Details and pricing below. 

Link To More Pictures of Our Gears
Link to the PE testing results

Prices include shipping via UPS in the CONUS
Volume discounts are not available

1/2" thick Aluminum
1" thick Aluminum
1" thick HDPE

  • 1/2" thick Al. gears come with an oxide coated 1" long x 1/2" OD x 1/4" ID worm. N/C
  • 1" thick HDPE gears come with an oxide coated  1.5" long x  1"OD x  5/8" ID worm. N/C
  • Worm shafts can be up to 14" long, extra charges apply. 
  • Anodizing is available for $100 per order. 
  • Gear/worm bore is custom & free. Specify at ordering time. 
  • Slip clutches for gears are available. Specify desired material and diameter. Sample page for the clutch plates is here
  • Geartrains with reduction gearing are available. See the machining page for examples.
  • Other materials and thicknesses, including gear bronze and 7075 aluminum, are available. Added material charges may apply. 
  • Different TPI can be ordered if needed. Added charges will apply.
  • All gears are hobbed using a custom made hob. 
  • Periodic error has a guarantee that is as follows: PE has been tested by us with a CCD camera, using our mount, worm mounting, electronics and software. P.E. was found to be a maximum of  3 arc seconds at 1816" Fl, easily correctable with most P.E. correction routines available. 
  • There are many user controlled variables that can effect P.E. that we have no control over. We cannot guarantee your results. We do state, as above, that using our mount, worm mount, electronics and software, that we are able to achieve very acceptable PE results using a CCD camera. 
  • Visual PE is not apparent even at high magnification using our mount, gears, worm mounting, electronics and software. 
  • Star testing on a GEM with a video sample and specs will be available soon. 
  • The Al. face finish is to 600 grit and is mirror like, ready for anodizing.
  • Turn time is order specific unless stock items are acceptable. Please Contact us for a quote and time frame. Parts orders are usually done inside of a week. Modification to stock items is completed within hours. 
Prices too low to believe ? Three reasons the prices are so low:
  1. We get our Aluminum surplus from another machine shop. We pay 10% of the average online material price. The material, MIC 6 aluminum, is actually a better grade than the standard 6061-T6 aluminum used in other gears.
  2. We charge a material, supplies and hourly labor structure. No insane mark up here. (some 16" gears are over US$2000.00 each !! )
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  4. The gears are hobbed using slightly modified standard machine shop equipment we already own.
  5. The HDPE gears are cheaper because the wear and tear on the hob is minimal and there are fewer steps involved in their production.



    Payment via credit card can be done via PayPal, credit card via phone fax or e-mail. We do accept personal or business checks with a 5 day waiting period.

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