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This page is for customers who wonder how we make a clutch for a gear. 

The gear is 6" OD. The center hole is 1" ID. The clutch plates are 3" OD in this sample.

All of the clutches are made on a lathe. This ensures each is flat and perfectly round to the center of the clutch hub to within .0005" 

The old clutch material was cork. It has been replaced with thin Teflon sheet, cut to fit.  

Click on any image below to get a larger one. 


A side view of the gear and the clutch as an assembly.

The back side of the whole assembly.

The back plate with the center hub attached. The brown stuff is cork. It's glued inside of a recess in the larger back plate. (this is a clutch that has seen some use). There are 6 holes in the central hub. Three are to hold the center hub to the back plate. The other three are to hold on the top plate (not shown yet). The center hub has three holes drilled into it horizontally (with 3 set screws), to hold this piece to the center shaft.

This is the actual gear. The center hole ID is .002" larger than the central hub's OD. The three holes in the gear are from the hobbing process.

This is the top plate. It applies pressure to the face of the gear via the three bolts around the central hole. These are 8-32 threaded bolt and can be replaced with thumb bolts if desired.

This is the back side of the top pressure plate. There is a recess around the center of the plate.

The gear and the bottom plate, no top plate.

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Conversion design by Lenord Stage
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