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This is an example of an installed Evolution kit. It is owned by Andy Hatfield. The scope is a new Dark Star Dobsonian, David Hinds Optics, 12.2" mirror. We made the plates and knobs, Andy did the install himself. Any assistance he needed was provided via E-mail. More pictures are below. 
A special thanks to Andy. He was the first customer of the new system. He confirmed that the design works and made a few suggestions for further improvement as well. 

For those of you who have the circuitry already, parts for this system are available. Please see the pricing page for information.

Andy wrote a review of the system. It is here

This is a close up of the Alt plate, gearhead and clutch lever. The little lever acts as a clutch by moving the top plate up and down.
Another picture of the same thing, but farther away. The stepper, gearhead and splined drive knob are attached to the top plate. This is one of the parts that is included in the kit. They come fully assembled, ready to bolt on.
This is a picture of the Az. axis plate pair and gearhead.  Andy has the stepper off the gearhead in this picture. There is a piece of 2" angle steel that the plates are attached to. This allows them to be attached to the rockerbox.
Andy has had to add a little bit of counterweight to the scope. If the sight of a laptop on a scope scares you, please read some notes about the use of them in the field on this page.
Looks like a compass and a level have been added for good alignment.
You can see the splined roller and the bearings he added.
Another view of the rockerbox and the roller bearings.
Andy added a small shelf for his power supply and laptop. Laptops are included in the full price of an Evolution kit. One of these days we will offer them with a small Palm device and allow users to hide the computer portion. Until then though, the old laptops will have to be used.
The completed Alt axis plate install. He has had to add in some spring tensioner to keep the OTA from porpising when it slews. Three springs was all that was needed. A larger and heavier scope would not need this we suspect.

Electronics and software by Mel Bartels
Conversion design by Lenord Stage
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