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This is the details page for a customers completed DIY installation of an Evolution GoTo conversion using servo motors.  It's intended that you install the parts, listed below, onto your telescope's mount. It will work on virtually all brands and variants of dob mounts. The conversion requires a few tools, a few small holes and about 3 hour of work to install, depending on your available tools and talents. 

Click here to see what mechanicals are included


An in shop  picture of both axis' in the customers shop. 


A picture up close of the Alt axis. You can see the gearhead servo motor mounted on the pair of plates. There is a small lever at the bottom left of the top plate. That is a clutch lever. Lift it up and lock it, the drive is engaged. Down, and manual motion is restored.
He is using a cable drive and lever for a second clutch mechanism here too. 

A picture of the drive knob from a stepper system that was replaced with a different design. You can see the knob has a cable wrapped around it to move the Alt. axis. No notch was required with this mount due to the cut corners from the maker, T-scopes. He did cut out a slot in the teflon pads for the cable to ride in. 

A close up of the final design for the Alt. axis cable roller. 
The plates and roller are made of 1/4" 6061 aluminum, uncoated. Stainless rollers can be specified. 


Looks like he is using a large battery to power the motors and optional laptop. You can see the Az. plate pair in the front. It uses a splined knob just like the stepper version. 

Features list- Servo :

  • Unlike other GoTo systems, this one is good for a lifetime - it "evolves" with you and whatever you will use in the future. Motors, computer, cables, software and (usually) the gearing, can be used on other mounts (Dobs or GEMS) with a little modification to the new mounting.
  • Customers can use an older cheap laptop ( see comparison here) OR the Argo Navis/Sky Commander with encoders. The servo motors have encoders on them, so you don't have to use encoders, but without the extra encoders, a laptop is required. 
  • There is no Field de-rotator included in any system but the system is quite capable of using one for astrophotography with the wireless handpad. 
  • These servo motors and mounts are silent when slewing or tracking. 
  • A small 17 amp hour gel cell battery is good for one night of observing with a laptop. Smaller batteries are needed for the Argo Navis/Sky Commander systems.
  • Mathematical resolution is determined by your encoder and motor combination, you decide. 
  • Software is included and pre configured. (you will need to fine tune some of it)
  • Free phone and e-mail support.
  • Instructions for operating the software are included.
  • System is GoTo and point-accurate to within one arc minute or better.
  • Start up time is less than 2 minutes.
  • Easy 2 star alignment for GoTo,  NCP for tracking only. 
  • Laptops and the circuitry can usually be powered from the same battery. There is no need  for a 115 volt power outlet.

  • Servo control software with a LONG list of features you would not expect is included.

    What is included in the order:

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