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This is a new product for us. It is an adjustable height pier-tripod hybrid. It allows an owners telescope mount to be raised up or down 9 inches from an internal motor operated with a thumb sized remote control. 
Manually adjustable pier pods are still available too. 
The primary customer use is for someone who has a long focal length refractor or bino scope. It will raise the eyepiece on your optics up or down 9 full inches with the touch of a button. Images in the eyepiece will stay in the FOV at 100x if the mount is leveled properly at set-up. 
Some users in observatories may find this feature useful too.

Click here to get a 1 meg. animated GIF file of the pier in motion.

We will make nearly any pier to your general specification without a motorized element as well. Our pricing is very competitive and our service is excellent. 

One of the legs. The horizontal bar at the bottom is held with a post for alignment and a threaded hole for securing it.

The top with the T-slot. All that is required of your mount is a flat surface on the bottom. The bolt head is held inside the slot. Other mounting parts can be added as needed before shipment.

The battery box, motor cover and switch. 

A 12 amp hour battery just fits inside. 

  • Each pier-pod will be made to suit the customer's specifications. This includes height retracted and extended, OD, etc. 
  • The battery fits inside the pier. 
  • There is a switch on the exterior to manually turn off the motor. 
  • It takes 40 seconds to raise the pier all the way up. 
  • Weight is 65 lbs. in this size. 
  • Weight capacity is over well 250 lbs.
  • Top plate is 1"x 8" solid aluminum with a T-slot for the mount.
  • The outer pipe is 8" OD. 
  • The inner pipe is 6" OD. 
  • Material is primarily aluminum, 6061-T6.
  • The slides are aluminum and hard steel. 
  • Leveling feet move 4" with a screwdriver. 
  • The legs are 1" solid square aluminum bars. 
  • Leg joints are bolted together with 1/2" steel bolts, recessed. 
  • The legs attach via curved blocks welded to the outer pier. 
  • Legs are foldable or removable for transport.
  • Finish is powder coated, black or the color of your choice.
As these are custom orders, pricing is by e-mail only.

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